Day 17

20 min. bike – 200 cal burn
30 min. elliptical- 325 cal
40 min. walk w/ Tricia

greek yogurt
1 chicken bean enchilada, w/ sour cream
1/2 snack pack of teddy grahams
medium DD pumpkin spice coffee w/ cream
2 saltine crackers
hard boiled egg
reeses cup, mini snickers


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Day 16

2 mile jog -19 minutes
25 minute bike
1.5 mile walk with Tricia

Food: 2 scrambled eggs
1/2 bagel with cream cheese
chicken and vegetable stir fry w/ less than 1 cup white rice

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Day 15 – Halloween

Workout: Walk w/ Tricia
Laura Landon’s 10 min. abs.

2 scrambled eggs
greek yogurt
chicken bean vegetable soup
med. DD pumpkin spice coffee w/cream
mini twix, mini snickers

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Day 14

155 pounds. This was a consistent number for me 1 year ago. My goal was to get to this weight in the spring and my reward was going to be my foot tattoo. Isn’t it ironic that I finally meet this goal after flip flops have been packed away!!  Arg. Weightloss can be extremely frustrated.

1 mile jog -9 minutes
1 mile walk – 15 minutes
30 minute elliptical

DD med. pumpkin spice coffee w/ cream
Copycat Noodles and Co. Mac N Cheese

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Days 12 and 13

I really lost track of the past two days. Tricia and I did a real good walk on Friday. We had our monster party with the kids and I ate way too much candy and a couple cookies. Friday I did get back to the Y for a 1 mile jog, 15 minute step machine, and 15 elliptical.

Saturday I didn’t eat too much junk but lost track. I did do Biggest Loser Cardio Max week 1.

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Day 11

Biggest Loser Cardio Max week 1
10 minute abs video

2 scrambled eggs
1/2 of a med DD pumpkin coffee w/ cream
1 cup sausage vegetable soup
1/2 sugar cookie
Culvers – several fries, kids vanilla scoop frozen custard
3 mini pretzel rods

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Day 10

Looks like I’m having another blah day. Didn’t not sleep well last night.

I did feel encouraged last night by The Biggest Loser. Contestants losing 1-4 pounds that week. I figured they are working out for so many hours a day with these incredible trainers and eating a controled low cal diet and have a week like that too.

 ??  min. walk w/Trish
20 min. bike 175 cal. burn (long 8 mi. cool down. ??)
5 min. stair stepper, need to learn to use this machine, I was sweating bullets.

2 scrambled eggs
1 cup sausage vegetable soup
McD’s caramel apple parfait
med. DD pumpkin coffee w/ cream
3 pretzel rods

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